Mount Hope Scholarship Fund


The Mount Hope Project, Inc. and Mount Hope Initiative, Inc. set up an educational scholarship program funded by generous sponsors and supporters of the film The Mountain Thief. The robust platform is designed to include values formation encouraging the scholars to finish their education. Our program is currently focused on the children of the actors in the film but we hope to reach out to underprivileged children worldwide. The first batch of scholars started school in June 2012. 

Please see the Scholars page for more information about sponsoring a child.


Mount Hope Assistance Fund (MHAP) 

MHAF is a lending program established for teachers at Lupang Pangako Elementary School. The program is designed to provide teachers with a less expensive alternative to the current loans that are available to them. The majority of public school teachers in the area are known to borrow money for the tuition of their children, for emergencies, or for unforeseen expenses. They have no access to bank or consumer loans, so they usually turn to expensive money lenders. Because MHI supports scholars at the Lupang Pangako Elementary School, the organization decided to also support teachers at the school, by giving them access to reasonably priced loans. A portion of the proceeds from the lending program goes to the Mount Hope scholarship fund. Teachers are therefore supporting the scholarship program when they borrow from the MHAF.


Mount Hope Project Documentary

As part of our commitment to film and the arts, the organization documents its journey as it continues to create programs that aim to effect change. Not only does it encourage partnerships and volunteerism, but also provides a good reporting tool on the progress of our programs.



The Happyness Photo Project


The Happyness Photo Project is going to London! Check out our events page for details.

The Happyness Photo Project is going to London! Check out our events page for details.

This project has been inspired by the Mount Hope acting workshop held by Director Gerry Balasta
at the Payatas dumpsite in 2007. Similarly, it aims to tap into the creative side of children, but this time using the art of photography. The unique component of this project involves capturing the pure and unadulterated emotion of hope and happiness in the children living around the mountains of trash.

The project started with 12 children, all children of the actors of the film, The Mountain Thief. They were asked to photograph anything and anyone that gave them hope and happiness within their surroundings. The top 5 best photographers were chosen to have their works exhibited in New York City and London.

Beyond the technicalities of photography, the power of the pictures relate the inner perspective of a child's concept of happiness. Each picture is designed to express the emotions through different subjects in their photographs. A refreshing insight is yet to unfold as we see the world through their eyes and take the journey into their hearts.

All proceeds of this project will benefit the Mount Hope Scholarship Fund. Check out our events page for details.




Fundraiser Screenings

The Mount Hope Project, Inc. is continuously being fueled by screenings of the powerful, moving and successful film "The Mountain Thief". Individuals and like-minded organizations sponsor fundraiser screenings to raise awareness on social issues. We use the funds to further programs for community and educational development.

If you're interested in hosting a screening, contact us at