The Mount Hope Project

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The Mount Hope Project Inc. is a US based non-profit organization whose mission is to use the arts to support and enhance the education of underprivileged children living in the Philippines. 



Our work currently supports the education of 9 children living in Payatas, Philippines. Payatas houses the largest waste facility in Quezon City, where residents have come to depend on the garbage for their livelihood. Through arts, education and awareness, Mount Hope aims to create positive and sustainable change in the community. As we grow, we hope to support more students in Payatas and similarly underserved areas. 



Mount Hope was established as a result of the generous support from inspired and sympathetic audiences of the film The Mountain Thief, written and directed by the organization’s founder, Gerry Balasta. The project evolved from a small fundraising effort to help one of the child actors in the film who was in dire need of medical intervention and surgery, to providing scholarship funds for all the children featured in the film.